Old young fantasy

old young fantasy

12 Mar Gareth Nix is one of the more dependable names in YA sci-fi and fantasy, and the prolific Australian author has a bunch of books that are worth your time. We'd recommend starting with Shade's Children, which takes the popular “a world without adults” trope and bends it into something wildly disturbing. Older siblings also watch over the very young when their parents are crafting, working at gathering or hunting for foods and trade goods. Toddling and crawling elves are very strong and can cling onto their parents or siblings as they go about their business. Even though the elfling may look like 8 or 10 year old . We've given a list of what we consider to be the best modern YA fantasy books, drawing from a number of different styles of fantasy from different periods, ranging from the recently published to several decades old. Each of the suggested books is highly recommended as a great read for teenagers and adults alike. A good. old young fantasy