Sloppy job

sloppy job

A blow job given with a mouth full of sloppy joe mix, ground beef, or Manwich. When you think of "sloppy work," you might imagine tasks performed in a careless or lazy way, documents that are full of mistakes, or actions that show no regard for team goals and objectives. "Sloppy work" can also apply to conversations and work relationships. For example, people can demonstrate a lack of attentiveness. Besides "out of order" or "not clean," sloppy can also mean "careless" or " overemotional." So you might do a sloppy job on an important paper for school. Or you might go to a sad movie and cry while you watch it, even though you know it's sloppy and sentimental. The original 18th century meaning of this adjective was.

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Are you hungry yet? If so, listen to what she has to say, and do what you can to help get her back on track. sloppy job